Duct Formers for Precast Concrete

Proud to be family owned and family run. Supporting other New Zealand businesses with excellent products and service.

Our History

0800 Ducting Ltd was formed in 2004 by Kevin Badcock and John Chesmar. The business was built on their shared knowledge and skills, starting with an empty space in a shed with a dirt floor. After two years 0800 Ducting moved to their current location on Villa Street.

In 2008 Kevin decided to sell his share of the business to John, with the intention of pursuing other interests. John used this opportunity to turn 0800 Ducting into a family business. John’s son Blair took over the Production Manager from John in 2015, with John focusing his attention on the sales role. John’s eldest daughter Robyn is the company’s Office Manager.

Diane, John’s wife of 41 years assists with administration, and from time-to-time helps with production. Also helping with production are two grandchildren, Blair’s eldest daughter Mya, and Robyn’s eldest son Lachlan. The 0800 Ducting business really has become a family affair.

From its dirt floor days to now, the company has gone from strength to strength. Some tough times were experienced with the economic downturn occurring shortly after John purchased Kevin’s share of the company. In addition to ducting, hydraulic wood splitters were made and sold and some general engineering jobs carried out to keep the business lucrative during these more challenging financial times.

After the building code changes following the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, more orders starting coming through for ducting, which is made for the precast concrete industry only. Requirements for more steel, including tie rods, starter bars and stressing cables, increased with the need to improve concrete strength with both new buildings, and refurbishments on existing ones.

This increase, along with more building of motorway bridges country-wide, plus concrete reservoirs for towns and cities, means the company is currently in a strong position.

0800 Ducting Team
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